Saturday, June 29, 2013

Moving out

After leaving work it was time to also leave my apartment this weekend. A long good bye party at a local "Apfelwein-Wirtschaft" on friday did not prove to be the best preparation for that. Oh well... 

Though I am happy for every step I am taking at the moment it feels strange to know that all I'm owning is now sitting in some cardboard boxes. I got rid of all my furniture, all plates, silverware, my desk and so on. I might not yet live without any tangible possession, but I feel that I can at least a bit relate to people that actively try to not own that much. Now I don't have to be afraid anymore of not being insured against fires, of breaking wine glasses, I won't get annoyed about that scratch on my table and I don't have to clean any of the things again. I feel more free now.

So, tomorrow meeting a couple of friends and then having my extended family over for coffee and cake. Some organizational stuff on Monday and then I'm off to RWANDA.

I also found my visa to the US in the mail today. Another potential obstacle taken care off. I kind of look like a criminal though...

Cheers + bis bald,

Friday, June 28, 2013

Every end is also a beginning...

After a great good-bye celebration with my colleagues yesterday at work it is time to close the aviation chapter for now. Five years at Lufthansa will come to an end this afternoon. A time during which I had the opportunity to live and work in Germany, Canada, Poland and Hong Kong, during which I really got to know an industry and what working in a big, multi-national corporation means and during which I was able to meet a bunch of extraodinary people.

As much as I enjoy looking back I am ready to move on and dive deep into what is ahead. Be it mushroom growing in Rwanda, going back to school at the GSB or travelling without the perks of an airline employee.

This blog is serving a coupke of purposes:
(1) informing friends and family without having to write multiple emails
(2) giving insights into what I consider one of the greatest MBA programs out there
(3) helping me reflect on what I do everyday and how I make c
ertain decisions and
(4) serving as a really cool read in twenty years' time for me.

Feel free to post questions, suggestions and comments anytime. I will try to include them in my posts to make that thing interactive. But first and foremost: I really hope you enjoy my writing.

Cheers + bis bald!