Saturday, June 29, 2013

Moving out

After leaving work it was time to also leave my apartment this weekend. A long good bye party at a local "Apfelwein-Wirtschaft" on friday did not prove to be the best preparation for that. Oh well... 

Though I am happy for every step I am taking at the moment it feels strange to know that all I'm owning is now sitting in some cardboard boxes. I got rid of all my furniture, all plates, silverware, my desk and so on. I might not yet live without any tangible possession, but I feel that I can at least a bit relate to people that actively try to not own that much. Now I don't have to be afraid anymore of not being insured against fires, of breaking wine glasses, I won't get annoyed about that scratch on my table and I don't have to clean any of the things again. I feel more free now.

So, tomorrow meeting a couple of friends and then having my extended family over for coffee and cake. Some organizational stuff on Monday and then I'm off to RWANDA.

I also found my visa to the US in the mail today. Another potential obstacle taken care off. I kind of look like a criminal though...

Cheers + bis bald,


  1. I've started reading your blog entries... June... I need to keep pace

    1. in my further comments I'll name myself... let's say... dino_dee_lite

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