Thursday, August 29, 2013

Stanford Trip to Colombia

So, how could business school start better than by bringing 247 classmates and SO's (significant others) to Colombia in order to get to know each other and to form first friendships? - Right, by throwing in 2 days on a desolated island in the Caribbean with cheap cocktails and parties all night long.

The annual pre-MBA trip to Colombia started some years ago and has been carried on ever since. Our group is the biggest that ever went and I believe that even at the end I will not have met every single one. Stops on the 8 day tour include Cartagena - Isla Mucura - Medellin - Bogota. We are currently in Medellin and I am glad to have both hot water and Internet (amazing how a few days in Europe can make you feel that you need both things!)

 I will not bore you with too many details about the last couple of days (and I took no pictures...). You can imagine that it was pretty cool and yes - it was. Nevertheless I was surprised (well, was i really???) that no matter what type of people you bring together, if it involves alcohol, naked skin, loud music, everyone starts to behave like teenagers again. I guess a lot of people see business school not only as a way to expand one's horizon academically, but also to shop around for a potential husband or wife. As someone once said to me: Meeting new people is like a new gene pool opening up. Well, Isla Mucura was definitely helpful in doing first evaluations of the gene pool.

I can also report a first small victory on my side: Team International beat Team USA in soccer. Beating might be wrong word though, destroying sounds much more accurate. With a final score of 7:2 (including 3 German goals!) we showed where the game of all games has its roots.

Another interesting observation: American guys are RIPPED! How can an entire nation (or at least the sub-set going to Stanford) have so much muscle? Whereas in Germany I felt I had an above average body, here I really need to watch out to not become depressed. I have to find some gym buddies on campus to show me their tricks!

Alright, enough about teenage behavior, gene pools, soccer victories and enormous abs. I have to get ready for dinner.

Cheers + bis bald,


  1. "game of all games"? Monopoly for MBA students? If you meant soccer... don't delude yourself...

    "an above average body" - wow, that's self confident. But you'll need it over there...

    that sounds mean... I'm sry
    anyway, it was a pleasure to read your stories from august.
    I'm looking forward to September! So keep on writing...

    and take more Fotos!!!

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